About us

As a company

As a company we have been lovingly cleaning rugs for over 21 years. We have a seriously dedicated and professional team of technicians who enjoy their work and strive for perfection. 
Our HQ is situated in an old Lodge in the Yorkshire Dales with its own water supply coming from deep beneath the rocks.
Rugs can be cleaned in Spring Fresh Water.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide:
The best possible results achievable to each and every rug that we clean, we aim for unsurpassable service to all our customers all of the time.
We promise to do our very best from collection to delivery. 
We promise to be polite and courteous.
We promise to take care of your rug whilst it is in our possession, and ensure that it enjoys its visit to our bespoke "Rug Spa Facility"
We promise to respect your precious rugs and clean them gently but thoroughly.
We promise to condition and hand finish, wrap and return in a reasonable time scale to suit you our customer.
We will thoroughly "check in to our Spa" all rugs, we will photograph and fully report on any pre-existing spots stains or damage, and highlight any issues either before we start or on delivery depending on circumstance.  

Questions and answers

Q. Can you clean all types of rugs?
A. We can clean most types or rug:
Wool, Silk, Rayon, Cotton, Chinese, Persian, Indian, Turkish, Nylon, Polypropylene, manmade, Weave, Hand-knot etc. As well as Tapestries.

Q. What is the time scale for turnaround?
A. We can generally collect, clean, dry and return rugs in 7 - 10 working days, but we try to be quicker than this to free up precious space in our busy workshop.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Your rug comes under our responsibility from as soon as we collect it to when we return, we have Public Liability Insurance in place to cover any unforeseen consequence cause by our negligence. 

Q. Can you guarantee to get all the stains out?
A. Although we cannot 100% cast Iron guarantee to remove all staining and damage, we can use our 21 years of business or over 65 years of collective experience to do our very best. Some set stains like hot tea or paint or food dye might not remove but we still surprise ourselves almost everyday with our unrivalled cleaning power.

Q. What about soot from the fire place?
A. We can generally remove soot and carbon particles from rugs prior to cleaning.

Q. Can you treat carpet/rug mites?
A. We have a carpet mite infestation treatment that is available at an additional charge* Please speak to to office for details.

Q. What about mould and mildew?
A. Mould infestation can be a big problem for rugs and carpets as it is a living organism that actually eats the carpet fibres. Again we have a treatment that is available at an additional charge, but any damage underneath is possibly permanent.

Please call the office on 01756 649054 for any other questions, we will be delighted to answer them.

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