Our services are as standard and applicable to all rugs that we clean, there are no hidden costs, we operate as ethically as possible and try our best to only use Natural cleaning solutions.
You wouldn't put soaps or shampoo's into your rivers and lakes so we don't put them into your rugs either.

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Deep cleaning process

Our deep cleaning rug process is not only industry leading, it is 100% safe, we use no harsh chemicals, soaps, shampoo, detergents, enzymes, bacteria, optical colour brighteners, solvents* and it is non-foaming & odourless. 
After checking rugs in after collection, we photograph each rug and fully report on any existing conditions, stains, spots wear and tear etc. 
We thoroughly extract all loose soil, sand and dirt with ultra powerful vacuum beater.
We treat with our industry recognised Anti-Bacterial Treatments and leave time for it to do its work.
We spot treat any staining with relevant stain removal agents.
We fully submerse as applicable in our specially designed rug cleaning machine.
We spin dry then hang in our drying chamber/wind tunnels.
All rugs are then stain-guard treated before being conditioned and hand finished.
We then carefully wrap and chauffeur return. 

Anti-Bacterial Treatment

We treat all our rugs with an Anti-Bacterial treatment.
This will sanitise and safely remove harmful bacteria, viruses and odours. Resulting in a fresh, hygienically clean result. 

Stain-Guard Protection

A Fluorochemical Rug Protectant, retards the re-soiling and wear rate, works by filling up the vacant dye sites in the rug with a clear dye. It protects against spots and spills and makes stain removal and daily maintenance easier.

Chauffeur Service 

Operating During Opening Hours only
Our rugs will be collected and delivered by our professional team of uniformed, knowledgeable, local and friendly technicians.
We will roll the rug up as required and transport in style back to out "Rug Cleaning Spa"

Contact us by emailing or call 01756 649054
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